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Why Catalyst Coaching?

Sacred Soul Ventures Pathway.png

Come as you are. There are no judgements here. I see you and I hear you. Know that you are already whole and creative.


Together, in compassionate non-judgement, we create a space that is a safe for you to explore your thoughts and beliefs. It is a space for you to venture forward in your journey. 


You already have your answers within. I act as your thinking partner.

Almond Blossom

As you become more aware of your internal narrative, you can question the stories and beliefs that no longer serve you. You gain clarity as to what is authentically true for you. Freely explore your limiting core beliefs.


Break the patterns that are holding you back. I am here to hold space for you during this process. 

Authentic Power

 As you shift into new ways of thinking and being, you will feel more and more in alignment as you live your truth.

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