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Welcome to Libra Season 2021 and the Autumnal Equinox!

On September 22, 2021, at 3:20 pm EST, the Sun changes signs from the mutable earth energy of Virgo, “I analyze” to the cardinal air energy of Libra, “I balance”.

Theme: Balance, harmony, diplomacy, peace, beauty, and the cultivation of interpersonal relationships.

Libra Warrior Woman - Artist Susan A. Beauregard Copyright 2021

The Sun entering Libra September 22, 2021 – Bringing Balance, Harmony, and a Focus on Relationships

The balanced, even-tempered, and harmonious Libra energy is welcomed after the full moon in Pisces on September 20, 2021.

This is a beautiful transition from the release and deep emotion of the full moon in Pisces. Now that we have released the emotional baggage, Libra energy has us wondering where we can bring balance into our lives.

Cardinal signs are associated with action, leadership, and initiation. The energy pattern associated with the cardinal signs is the initiation of energy in a definite direction. Air signs are associated with thought and abstract ideas. They are also associated with the mind’s sensations and mental interaction, especially in interpersonal interactions.

Fair, just, diplomatic and relationship oriented, Libra seeks balance. Its ruling planet Venus focuses our attention on love, beauty, leisure, and relationships.

The positive expression of Libra is:

· Fair

· Cooperative

· Relationship oriented

· Even tempered

· Team oriented

· Seeks balance and harmony

The lower expression of Libra is:

· Superficial

· Passive aggressive

· Dependent

· Frivolous

· Puts relationships above their own needs

The Autumnal Equinox and the Numerology of 22

September 22, 2021, is also the Autumnal Equinox. It is the perfect balance of day and night. The perfect balance as we enter into the increasing darkness of fall and winter.

In numerology, the energy of the number two represents duality, relationships, and balance.

The number twenty-two is considered a master number, where the energy of the number two is doubled.

Twenty-two is associated with love. It is a symbol of harmony, relationships, and partnerships.

It also represents the merger of the spiritual and material.

Fall Leaves - Artist Susan A. Beauregard, Copyright 2021

being highlighted during this time.WhWhateLibra Season, The Autumnal Equinox, and the Numerology of 22 – Putting it All Together

The energy on September 22, 2021, encourages you to go deep into your inner work so that you can bring harmony, balance, and peace to areas of your life that need it.

This is especially true for your relationships. What are the opportunities to cultivate peace and harmony in your interpersonal relationships? What role do you play? Are there things that you can do to bring more of that into your interactions?

Thinking about your work/life balance is also very important. How can you cultivate balance and diplomacy in that area of your life?

Other Important Aspects September 22, 2021 - Mercury Square Pluto

When a planet is “square” with another planet, they are 90 degrees away from each other. Squares represent tension and where there may be resistance. This tension can be used to take positive action.

While the energy of Libra, the Autumnal Equinox and the number 22 support balance and harmony, Mercury square Pluto may make you want to force your point of view on others.

You can turn this energy inward for introspection. When used this way, this transit can help you discover pieces of yourself that were hidden below your consciousness. These insights can be powerful and help bring changes to your life.

This energy supports any pursuit or study that will help you understand human consciousness on a deeper level such as psychology, yoga, human design, and astrology.

How Can I Work with This Energy in a Beneficial Way?

This is such a beautiful time for balance and introspection.

What is being highlighted at this time are your relationships, beauty and leisure.

You can harness this energy positively by:

· Quieting your mind. Meditate, walk, journal, create. Whatever your method is for quieting your mind, take time for yourself and lessen the mental chatter.

· Getting clear on where you are feeling overwhelmed. Once you are in a quiet space, think about where you are feeling overwhelmed in your life. What areas need balance?

· Being realistic about how you can bring that balance to your life. Where can you start to make small, manageable changes in your life that will bring you the balance and harmony you want?

· Cultivating your interpersonal relationships. Think about the relationships that you want to put your energy into. How can you cultivate them? Think about the people in your life that take more than they give. Do you need to establish stronger boundaries to maintain balance and harmony? Do you have to let that relationship go?

· Thinking about the ways you can fill your cup. Do you have enough balance in your life? Are you able to pursue activities that feed your soul and fill your cup? If your answer is no, what can you do to bring more of that into your life?

Be aware that:

· You are not forcing your point of view on others.