The New Moon in Aries April 1, 2022

Astrological Highlights:

Tomorrow April 1 is the new moon in Aries. It is the first new moon of the astrological new year, which began on March 20. That was the same day as the spring equinox and as the beginning of Aries season.

This is a very powerful new moon. Aries energy is bold. It is the energy of initiation and new beginnings. This is such beautiful energy to set your intentions. It’s also a great time to make a vision board for the next 12 months.

Chiron and Mercury are conjunct to the moon and the sun. You may feel the pain of old wounds coming up. How do you express them in a healthy way so that you can release them? Ceres sextile to this conjunction will support us in nurturing ourselves.

Saturn and Mars are moving closer to an exact conjunction in Aquarius on April 5th. You may already be feeling this assertive and challenging energy.

Jupiter and Neptune are moving closer to their exact conjunction in Pisces on April 15th. This energy may be sparking your imagination. You can feel that your head is in the clouds.

How do I work with this energy?

· Be kind to yourself – You may feel emotional, raw, and vulnerable. It’s ok to feel this way.

· Make time for yourself – It’s ok to take some time to process these emotions. Use the solitude to get clear on what you want to bring into your life.

· Set intentions during the new moon – These can even be intentions for healing. “I wish to release all anxiety around money from me in a healthy way.” Set no more than ten. This forces you to gain clarity on what is important for you right now. It focuses the energy into the manifestation of those ten things.

· Create a vision board – This is a great time to focus your energy into the vision for your life for the next 12 months. Make sure you display it where you can see it every day.

· Breath and repeat your intensions and visions – As you do this, feel what is happening in your body. Is there fear, resistance, or any other emotion when you do so? This means that you may need to re-word your intention. You also could be blocking yourself from believing it's possible. It’s OK! It’s an opportunity to ask yourself why. You can reword your intention to help you release the block so that you can move forward.

· Remember that you are supported and are loved – Do you feel isolated and alone? Everything is working out for your greater good, even if it doesn’t seem like it. Reach out to someone that you feel comfortable with. Join a community of likeminded people for support. You are loved.

A Deeper Dive…

Photo Credit: Merril Speilman

The New Moon in Aries

The full moon in March was in Virgo. There was “spring-cleaning energy” in the air. You may have cleaned things out of your house. There was some energetic and spiritual spring cleaning happening too.

You have to clear things out to bring the new in. You also need to let things sit for a while and settle in. See where things land once you get everything cleared out. After you release and clear during a full moon let things settle.

Use this new moon to see what you desire now. Sit quietly and take a few breaths. See where you are in this moment. See what intentions you want to set now. They may not be the same as the intentions that you would have set at the full moon.

Read each one aloud. Notice the sensations in your body. If you don’t feel joy and brightness, you may need to re-word the intention so that it does feel good when you read it.

Cull your list down to the ten that feel good to you when you read them out loud. Keep your list! Read it before the next new moon and see what’s manifested for you. If your intension didn’t quite manifest as you expected, reflect on why. You will need to take some steps to shift your beliefs about it before it will flow into your life.

Create a vision board! This is a fun and visual way to bring things into your experience over the next twelve months. Use your own pictures. You can cut out words from magazines. Draw, glue glitter on to it, anything that will allow you to feel into the expression of your desires.

Mercury and Chiron Conjunction – Feeling and Releasing Old Wounds.

Mercury Photo Credit: Hubble Deep Space Telescope

The sun and the moon are always conjunct during a new moon. What makes this even more powerful is that Mercury and Chiron join the conjunction, all in Aries.

A conjunction is a blending of the energy of each celestial body. You can't tell the energies apart.

Chiron is an asteroid that orbits between Saturn and Uranus.

In mythology Chiron is a centaur, half man, and half horse. His mother abandoned him at birth because she was horrified at the way he looked.

He was adopted by Apollo and raised to be a scholar. He was also a healer, an herbalist, an astrologer, and a teacher. He was teacher to many of the young heroes such as Achilles.

No matter how much he learned, or how much he was respected, he never fit in.

In the myth, he was cut by one of Hercules poison arrows. Chiron couldn't die because he was immortal. He also couldn't heal his own wound.

The themes of Chiron in astrology, are themes of abandonment, rejection, and not fitting in. It also represents the rejection and pain that comes with it.

Chiron’s sign and house placement represent where we carry a very deep wound. A wound that may take our lifetime to heal. There's a gift in that. As we heal our Chiron wounds, we can help others heal a similar wound. We do this through our example, or by teaching them what we've learned.

In his book, “Chiron, 2012 and the Aquarian Age” Evolutionary Astrologer Tom Jacobs, says that this would is an energetic sensitivity.

It’s where we are sensitive to being rejected over a certain thing, a certain belief, or a certain way that you act.

Chiron, Mercury, the sun, and the moon are conjunct. This can cause some of the pain and feelings of rejection bubble to the surface. Mercury beckons us to express this pain in a healthy way.

To move forward we need to let the pain flow out. We need to feel the emotions. These deep emotions are held somatically in our body. We need to release this and express it in a healthy way to move forward in our healing.

You may use the new moon as a time for setting intentions to manifest physical things. “I want the house.” “I want the car.” “I want a million dollars.” You can also use it to set intentions for healing. You can use it to change your mindset, or to change ingrained behavior.

Use the new moon energy to say, “I intend to release this wound in the most graceful way possible.” “I intend to move forward in my healing in a way that is beneficial for me and is in my highest good.” Set intentions like that.

Not sure where Chiron is in your chart? Go to my Facebook group, “Practical Astrology for Everyday Life.” There is a section under “Guides” that walks you through how to run your Free Chart on There is also a training in the group on how to learn how to look at the chart and make sense of it. I do readings where I look at your asteroid placements and can tell you about your Chiron.

During this new moon, you may feel very raw and emotional. It's okay! Be aware of what's happening and try to express it the healthiest way possible.

Ceres Energy is Supporting Us

The Two Ceres: Dwarf Planet and Goddess Artist: Susan A. Beauregard

The dwarf planet Ceres is supporting this healing. Ceres in Gemini is forming a sextile to this new moon conjunction. Sextiles are a 60-degree relationship between celestial bodies. It represents supportive energy, but you must take action to benefit from it.

The Ceres archetype represents themes of loss and grief. Also, the painful side of emotional attachment. She represents how we nurture others and how we were nurtured. How do you take care of yourself? How do you nurture yourself? Do you feel worthy?

Gemini energy is about communication, learning and how we process information. How can you use all this information and verbalize your pain in a healthy way? How can you support your self-care during this time? How can you give yourself the nurturing that you needed, but may not have received?

With this powerful energy you can still manifest the things that you want. You can also use the power of setting intentions to help you heal.

Saturn and the Asteroid Juno are conjunct

Also adding to the mix is the Saturn and Juno conjunction. They're both on top of each other at 22 degrees of Aquarius.

Saturn is the planet of hurdles, hurdles, limitations, and hard work. It challenges us to move forward in a way that is for our betterment. The biggest changes happen when things feel difficult. You make the choice to move through them. Juno represents where we are dedicated, and it also represents our relationships.

This energy may have you looking at how you handle conflict in your relationships. How do you seek balance in them?

Aquarius energy is future thinking and innovative. You are being challenged to have healthier relationships. How can you show up in this area of your life that is authentic and healthy? Cultivate healthy relationships. Be sure of yourself. This will minimize the wounds that are created from these partnerships.

Mars and Saturn May Give Us Some Challenges

Mars Sunrise Photo Credit: Unknown

Mars and Saturn are within three degrees of each other in Aquarius. They are forming a conjunction, they will be on top of each, or exact, on April 5. You will still start to feel their energy coming together.

There's been a lot of talk about the impact of this on the worldwide stage. Mars is the god of war. The energy represents assertion, driving towards your desires, and aggression. Saturn also represents foundations, structures, and responsibility. There’s a discipline and steadiness about Saturn energy. Because of this, it can represent a fear of change.

Knowledge of Astrology supports you in your personal development and growth. As this conjunction is moving exact in Aquarius. Think about which foundations and structures no longer fit with your life.

Use this time to ask yourself:

· How can you take action to shift your beliefs or build a more solid foundation?

· How can you use the Mars energy to drive toward your desires?

· Are you taking too much responsibility for what is happening in your relationships?

· Are you taking on responsibilities that you don't need to?

· Be assertive in establishing and enforcing your boundaries.

You May Start to Feel the Effects of the Jupiter/Neptune Conjunction

The other big news is that the Jupiter and Neptune conjunction in Pisces will be exact on April 15. They're two degrees apart right now. Because they're not exact doesn't mean that you won’t be feeling some of this energy pour in.

Jupiter expands everything that it touches, even not so positive things. It represents beliefs, growth, and positive expression.

Neptune is dreamy and imaginative. It’s futuristic, innovative and has deep concern for the whole of humanity. It can represent an escape from the world. Either through daydreaming or worst case, through addiction. Look at your planetary placements in your natal chart. This will give you a sense of how the Neptune and Jupiter energy expresses for you. You can also go to a professional astrologer, like myself, to help you.

This conjunction is in Pisces, which is a mutable water sign. People with this sign are very intuitive, sensitive, compassionate, emotional, and unselfish. It's a very surrendering and transcending energy. They like change. Neptune rules Pisces, so their energies support each other well.

If you're on the spiritual path, you may start to feel a connection with your higher self and your higher power. Whether it is God, the Divine Feminine, Universal Source Energy, or whatever that is for you.

Some of the things that Neptune and Pisces represent at a lower expression could come out. It depends where you are in life and the level of awareness you have of your patterns. Pisces and Neptune energy can make you become out of touch with reality. It will give you the desire to escape into your inner reality.

There’s More Happening in April!

I will have more on the Jupiter/Neptune conjunction later in the month. There is a partial solar eclipse on April 30th. A full lunar eclipse on May 16th follows. I’ll be writing about these events in a future blog.

Resources: I’m Here to Support You!

The big news is the new moon. There are a lot of resources in My Facebook group, Practical Astrology for Everyday Life.

There is a replay of a New Moon Manifestation workshop from March. The same rules and concepts apply to this new moon.

There is also the replay of the workshop I did on March 31st with Dr. Beverly Wixon. We talked about manifesting abundance during the new moon.

If you want to run your free natal chart, there are instructions to do so in the “Guides” section of the group. I also have free trainings throughout the month on how you can start to identify pieces of your chart.

I also have my classes, “Practical Astrology: Learn How to Read Your Natal Chart.” Level 1 and Level 2 are being offered later in April. They are and in-depth dive on how to learn to read your chart. You also gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

About the Author:

Susan A. Beauregard is a Certified Holistic Coach, Astrologer and Reiki Master Teacher. She offers a unique blend of astrology and coaching. This empowers and informs her clients to live their lives with joy and purpose. Natal, Transit and Progressed chart readings and Reiki healing sessions are also available.

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