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The AstroVibe - Welcome to Scorpio Season!

Welcome to Scorpio Season 2021

On October 23, 2021 the Sun changes signs. It moves from the cardinal air energy of Libra, “I balance” to the fixed water energy of Scorpio, “I desire.”

Theme: A time for penetrating, deep and intense insights. Deep emotions and seeking purpose.

The Sun enters Scorpio October 23, 2021 – An Intense Time of Deep Insights

We are moving out of an intense period. There were many energetic shifts. There were many opportunities to change what no longer serves us.

The energy of Libra had us wondering where we can bring balance into our lives.

Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury moved direct out of retrograde. This gave us forward momentum into the Hunter full moon. This full moon is in bold and courageous Aries.

The aspects of Mercury, Chiron, Lilith, and Ceres are calling us to deeper healing. Read more here: The AstroVibe - The Full Hunter Moon in Aries October 20, 2021

Using the fixed water energy of Scorpio, we can have deep and penetrating insights.

The Fixed Water Energy of Scorpio

Fixed signs are associated with endurance and perseverance. They gather energy inwards toward a center. They can also gather energy and move it outwards from a center.

Water signs are emotional, sensitive and can pick up on other’s emotions. They are in touch with their feelings. They notice subtleties and nuances that most others do not.

Scorpio energy is intense. Deep reflection in solitude is the theme for this time of the year.

Scorpio’s modern ruler is Pluto. Pluto is the planet of death, transformation, and rebirth. You can make deep and lasting changes in your life using the energy of Scorpio and Pluto.

The positive expression of Scorpio is:

· Strong

· Shrewd

· Deep

· Psychic

· Emotional

· Seeks purpose

· Has a penetrating mind

The lower expression of Scorpio is:

· Vindictive

· Controlling

· Moody

· Obsessive

· Scheming

· Power hungry

Tying it All Together

You can use the energy of Scorpio and its ruler Pluto to continue to find your purpose. Use it to understand the deep desires of your soul. While intense, this energy is gentler than the introspective energy of the retrogrades.

Use This Time to Prepare for 2022

The year 2020 was a year of ripping down. The external structures in our lives were drastically changed. The illusions of our physical reality were ripped away. Things that we thought were constant and steady changed quickly. We were forced out of our comfort zones.

The focus of 2021 has been a ripping down of our internal beliefs and structures. The astrological energy of this year has us turning inward. We have been questioning our stories and beliefs that have been limiting us. We have chosen to line up our internal landscape so that it supports the vision of our future. It is a vision that we have created to be in tune with our soul’s essence.

The year 2022 in numerology is what is called a “6 year”. By adding all the numbers together, they equal six (2+0+2+2=6).