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The AstroVibe - October 2021 Starts With a Retrograde Party!

Astrology Highlights October 2021 – 6 Planets, Pallas and Chiron in Retrograde

Retrograde Party Artist: Susan A. Beauregard Copyright 2021

The month of October 2021 starts with six planets and two asteroids in retrograde. During the month four of the planets station (or stop) before they start their direct movement.

You will feel a shift in energy and forward momentum as Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, and Mercury station direct.

The Best Way to Use Retrogrades to Improve Your Life

The theme of any retrograde is to turn inward. It is the best time to slow down and take notice of what is happening in your life.

During a retrograde think of the words that begin with “re”: rest, rethink, readjust, refocus, reset, reclaim, and reintegrate.

Use this time to:

· Reflect inwardly.

· Reconcile your outward actions with what you are feeling inside.

· Gain revolutionary insights.

· Reclaim and reinvigorate yourself.

Each retrograde planet’s energy highlights a different area for us to focus on.

Use this time to be honest with yourself about what is working in your life and what is not.

Planets and Asteroids that are Currently in Retrograde and Where They Will Help Us Grow

Here are the planets and asteroids that are in retrograde in the beginning of October 2021.

Pluto in Capricorn Artist: Susan A. Beauregard Copyright 2021

Pluto Retrograde in Capricorn April 27, 2021, to October 6, 2021

Pluto represents transformation and rebirth, the need to let go of the old through pain.

The energy spurs us to delve into the core of our experience on this earth.

It is a breaking down to break through.

Pluto is where the potential for deep, lasting change lies.

Because Pluto is in the sign of Capricorn the themes for you to focus on are as follows:

Pluto Retrograde Theme:

· Opportunity for self-transformation.

· Let go and trust.

· Transform negative thinking and self-destructive behavior.

· Reflect on how you may be giving your power away.

Bathing in the Aquarian Waters Artist: Susan A. Beauregard Copyright 2021

Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius May 23, 2021, to October 10, 2021

Saturn is the planet of karma, hurdles, and limitations. It is associated with contraction and effort.

It represents our need for social approval, but also the need to rely on ourselves for safety and security through hard work and achievement.

Saturn gives us the urge to defend our integrity and beliefs.

It is about discipline and having to learn things in a difficult way.

Because Saturn is in the sign of Aquarius the themes for you to focus on are as follows:

Saturn Retrograde Theme:

· Analyze and rethink your beliefs.

· Revisit your vision of the future and see if those beliefs support it.

· Look at the framework of your life and see if it supports your desires.

· Let go of structures and beliefs that no longer serve you.

· Recommit to your goals and to working towards achieving them.

Jupiter in Pisces Artist: Susan A. Beauregard Copyright 2021

Jupiter Retrograde in Pisces June 20, 2021, to October 18, 2021

Jupiter is expansive. It represents our talent and potential for growth. It is associated with positive expression and philosophy.

Jupiter, Neptune, and Pallas are all in retrograde in Pisces.

Because Jupiter is in the sign of Pisces the themes for you to focus on are as follows: