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The AstroVibe: November 2021 Astrological Energy Overview

The Big Story – The Upcoming Eclipses

The big story in November is the full moon partial lunar eclipse on November 19, 2021. The moon will be in Taurus.

Eclipses can cause us to look and work with our shadow.

During a full moon eclipse unexpected events may happen. Hard truths, and realizations will become known.

Eclipses can bring about fresh starts and long overdue endings.

There is a solar eclipse during the new moon on December 4th. New moon solar eclipses trigger new beginnings. They start a chapter or a new vision for your life.

The astrological energy of November is helping us prepare for that.

You may feel these events more deeply than others. It depends on how these events interact with the planets in your natal (birth) chart.

You can run your natal chart at A professional astrologer like myself can help you interpret that.

Sun Trine Pallas November 1st and Mercury Square Pluto on November 2nd

On November 1st, the Sun is Trine Pallas. On November 2nd Mercury is Square Pluto. The energy has us wanting to make meaning out of the patterns that we have been noticing.

We can reflect back on what we had learned during the retrogrades this year. How do the pieces that we have uncovered fit together?

We are seeking a deeper meaning and wisdom about ourselves and how we fit into the world. We use this momentum to understand where we have been blocked. We begin to figure out how to remove them.

We can see the subconscious patterns that have been our undoing. It may make us feel raw and defensive.

When you feel that you have to defend yourself, stop and take a breath. Ask yourself why. What is underneath that? Those questions will often point to where you need to do more work.

The New Super Moon and the Sun in Opposition to Uranus, November 4, 2021

We can use this Scorpio energy during the new moon on November 4th to continue our inner exploration. We can harness the energy to take an intense, penetrating dive into the changes we want and need to make in our lives.

This new moon is called a “Super New Moon.” It is occurring at its perigee, meaning the moon is at its closest point to earth. The energy of this new moon will be particularly intense.

What patterns or behaviors are you seeing that are limiting you? What do you need to let go so that you can live your life in line with your values and feel that you are being true to yourself?

The Sun is in opposition to Uranus during this new moon. The Sun represents our essence and our ego. The energy of Uranus is rebellious, full of surprises and upheaval. It also represents freedom. What in your life needs to be shaken up and changed so that you can experience more freedom?

Mercury Enters Scorpio November 5, 2021

On November 5th Mercury enters Scorpio. The planet joins Mars, the Sun, the Moon, and the asteroid Vesta in this fixed water sign.

The Sun represents our essence and ego. The moon our emotions and intuition. Mars is what drives us. It is our energy and ambition. Mercury represents communication, intellectual reasoning and how we learn.

Having these planets in Scorpio further fuels our intense self-exploration. The energy of Vesta is that of dedication.

We are compelled to dive deeply. We explore our ego and what drives our feelings. We seek to learn the truth of who we are. We are dedicated to our growth.