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The AstroVibe - New Moon in Pisces, a Time for Transformation

The new moon in Pisces is exact at 12:35 PM on March 2, 2022.

I've recorded a video outlining the events. Click on the picture below to watch it.

You can also click here AstroVibe Blog - New Moon in Pisces.

The sun and the moon are always conjunct during a new moon. As you can see from the chart, Jupiter is added into the mix.

Pisces energy supports our imagination. It's about our inner happiness, spiritual healing, compassion and releasing helplessness.

We may feel more intuitive, sensitive and psychic.

With Jupiter as part of the conjunction we will feel very safe and secure. The energy will be positive. It will create good moods and a sense of happiness.

The Jupiter placement is really supporting the theme of inner trust and spiritual healing.

Pisces Moon Artist: Susan A. Beauregard copywrite 2021

Vesta, Venus, Mars and Pluto Conjunct in Capricorn

There are several other major conjunctions that are happening during this new moon.

What's really, standing out is that we have Vesta, Venus, Mars, and Pluto, all conjunct, in the latter degrees of Capricorn.

When planets are transiting, or moving through the latter degrees of a sign, is represents a conclusion or an ending. You can see that all of these planets are around 27, almost 28 degrees of Capricorn.

Mars and Venus have been conjunct for the last few weeks. This conjunction has been highlighting our relationships.

They represent balance of yin and yang. How do we see ourselves in our relationships? What is our relationship with ourself?

Capricorn is a sign that has mature energy. It's is about getting things done in a very practical way.

In the context of relationships we're called to see if we have a solid foundation in our existing relationships. If not, how do we create one? Where do we need to have balance and be practical?

If you are seeking a partner this is excellent energy to do some personal work. Take this time to get clear on what you want. What behaviors or beliefs do you need to let go of in order to have a mature and healthy relationship?

Pluto is the planet of death, destruction and rebirth. It also represents our personal power and obsession.

The Pluto energy is here to move us forward. To help us get rid of the things that don't serve us.

What foundational beliefs or stories do we need to destroy that are holding us back?

Where are we giving away our personal power in relationships? Are we taking away other people's personal power in the way we act?

Vesta is also conjunct with Mars, Venus and Pluto.

Vesta is an asteroid that is in the asteroid belt between