The AstroVibe - Full Moon Partial Eclipse November 19, 2021

On Friday November 19, 2021, The Full Moon is occurring at 28 degrees of Taurus. It is also a partial lunar eclipse.

The Astrology of Eclipses

In Astrology, eclipses bring change. They may feel chaotic and intense. The changes they bring can be sudden and unexpected.

They may bring sudden endings and also new beginnings. The events around eclipses push us towards our true path.

These changes will point us in the direction that we are meant to go.

Eclipses come in pairs. They occur in opposite signs. This eclipse will be in Taurus. The Eclipse that will be occurring in May will occur in Scorpio. These will continue through 2023.

The last time eclipses occurred on this axis was from November 2012 to October 2014. They will often highlight similar themes, but in a different way.

It all depends on what you had decided to heal and how you have grown. Take some time to look back and reflect on your life lessons then. Think of where you are now.

There will be a full solar eclipse during the new moon on December 4th in Sagittarius. Solar eclipses bring new beginnings. This will be the last eclipse on the Gemini-Sagittarius axis.

Full Moon Partial Lunar Eclipse on November 19, 2021

This eclipse will occur at 28 degrees of Taurus. Look at your natal chart to see If you have any planets that are located here. If you do, you will feel this differently than the people around you.

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This is also the longest partial lunar eclipse of the century. It is also very close to being a full lunar eclipse. According to NASA 99.1 % of the moon will be shadowed by the earth. Article: What Time Is the November 2021 Blood Moon? Lunar Eclipse to Make Beaver Moon Appear Red (

During a lunar eclipse, the moon turns a dark red color. This is why lunar eclipses are called “Blood Moons.” The earth is blocking the reflection of the sun’s rays from the moon.

In astrology, the sun represents the essence of who we are. It represents our personality and our ego. The moon represents our emotions, intuition, and our feelings. How often does our outer expression of who we are outshine our deep emotions and feelings?

The blood moon allows those deeper parts of us to be seen. We may see what no longer serves us. This energy is demanding that we release it.

Taurus energy is about stability, safety, and money. Are we jeopardizing our safety and security in ways that no longer serve us? Are we creating unconscious blocks to financial security?

Eclipse energy is chaotic, intense, unstable, and sometimes volatile. It is NOT the time to do moon rituals or charge crystals. It is not the time to do releasing or intention setting rituals.

Allow to unfold what is meant to unfold.

Mars is in Opposition to Uranus

Mars went into opposition to Uranus on November 17, 2021. They are still in opposition during the full moon partial eclipse.

Uranus is in Taurus. Uranus energy is rebellious. It rules technology, modern life, and drastic changes. Uranus is known for shaking things up. It is considered in it is “fall” in Taurus. This means that its energy is weakened in this sign.

Mars is in Scorpio and was the sign’s ancient ruler. Both Mars and Scorpio energy is fiery and passionate. Its energy represents action and ambition.

Although Uranus is in its fall in Taurus, this energy will also feed into the energy of the eclipse. Drastic changes and surprises will be in store for us. Be cautious and aware before you go rushing passionately into a situation.

Moon Square Jupiter, Moon Trine Pluto

Jupiter is in Aquarius. Jupiter is expansive and positive. Aquarius is futuristic, curious, truthful, and unorthodox.

A square is when two planets are 90 degrees away from each other. Squares are known to create tension. In the case of the square between Jupiter and the moon, it is a positive energy. It supports deeper thinking and exploration of your place in the world. How can you continue to grow and heal?

A trine is a gentle, supportive relationship between two planets. The moon and Pluto are 120 degrees away from each other.

Pluto represents, death, transformation, and rebirth. Pluto energy calls for us to step into our personal power.

The eclipse and the square between Mars and Uranus may have us feeling chaotic and off balance. This trine will help us to stand in the truth of our emotions and our power.

How Can I Work with This Energy in a Beneficial Way?

You can harness this energy positively by:

· Recommitting to your spiritual practices. This will help you anchor into something greater than yourself. Meditate. Listen to guided meditations. Sit quietly. Pray to your higher power.

· Grounding yourself. Be in nature. Feel the sun on your skin. Hold crystals or rocks in your hands. Feel the weight of them. Feel their texture. Feel their energy grounding you to the earth.

· Looking back to November 2012 to October 2014. Do you see similar themes occurring in your life now? How have things changed? What has not? This may give you a clue as to what shifts you will be experiencing.

· Listening to what you and your body need. This is intense energy. Rest if you need it. Nourish yourself. Take some time for yourself. Do something you enjoy doing. Sleep.

· Allowing what will be, to just be. Resisting what is happening will only make it harder. Breathe. Allow. Ground.

· Going with the flow of the energy. Visualize that you are a flowing river. You are water that is moving and cascading around obstacles. No matter what you encounter, you are able to flow around it with grace and ease.

Be mindful that:

· It is NOT the time to do moon rituals or charge crystals.

· It is NOT the time to do releasing or intention setting rituals.

· You may feel strongly about an issue or situation. Take a step back before you go rushing in. There may be more to the situation than you can see from your viewpoint.

· Everyone will be feeling this energy. We will all feel it in different ways. Be kind to yourself and others.

About the Author:

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