The AstroVibe - Early December 2021 Astrological Update

The astrological energy for December 2021 will bring interesting energy.

The rebel Uranus is interacting with several planets and asteroids this month. This will shake things up.

Neptune is stationing direct in its rulership of Pisces. This will either inspire your dreams or have you escaping into them.

One of the biggest events is the new moon solar eclipse in Sagittarius.

There are tough aspects around Christmas, which should make this an interesting holiday.

There will be more on that energy in my next blog!

First Half of December 2021 Highlights

December 1, 2021 – Neptune Stations Direct, Mercury squares Pallas. Theme: Letting go of limiting beliefs, surrender and acceptance. Mental tension, disorganization. Communication may be challenging

December 2, 2021 – Sun squares Pallas, Chiron in retrograde trines Vesta. Theme: Ego or lack of confidence can make it hard to see things clearly. Commit to working through difficult problems. Tap into your potential.

December 3, 2021 – Saturn trines Vesta. Theme: You will find it easy to have the discipline needed to tackle difficult projects.

December 4, 2021 – New moon Full Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius. Theme: New beginnings. Redefining energy and beliefs that no longer serve you.

December 7, 2021 – Mercury squares Neptune, Uranus sextile Pallas, Vesta squares Pallas. Theme: You may feel confusion. You may feel rebellious and visionary. This may cause tension with your sense of duty and obligation.

December 8, 2021 – Mars squares Jupiter, Chiron in retrograde squares Juno. Theme: This is an energetic time. It can bring success if you are cautious to not overdo it. You may feel old wounds and pain around relationships. Use this time to clear out this energy.

December 11, 2021 – Mercury sextile Jupiter, Venus conjunct Pluto. Theme: You will have positive thoughts and the ability to see the big picture. Interactions will be intense.

December 12, 2021 – Sun squares Neptune. Theme: Your energy level may be low today. You may feel foggy and unclear. Rest if you can.

December 13, 2021 – Mars enters Sagittarius, Mercury Enters Capricorn. Theme: Optimism, drive, vision, and expansion. It will be easy to get carried away. Take things in moderation. Take advantage of the grounded, purposeful energy. Think about what your goals are for 2022.

December 14, 2021 – Mars in opposition to Ceres. Theme: You will have a powerful desire to show your caring and nurturing side. It may come across as overbearing today.

December 15, 2021 – Uranus trines Juno. Theme: Positive energy and breakthroughs for your relationships. You will re-commit to them.

Neptune Stations Direct

Neptune has been in retrograde in Pisces since June 25, 2021. Neptune is the ruler of Pisces. Their energy is similar.

They both represent beliefs, spirituality, creativity, imagination, and illusions. At its lower vibration it represents cloudiness, deception, and lack of clarity.

The retrograde energy had us turning inward. We were encouraged to look at our beliefs around our spirituality and our creativity.

Are you able to outwardly express your spiritual beliefs? Are you afraid to do so?

What illusions do you hold about how you express your creativity to the world? Are you able to fully reveal it without fear? What has been holding you back?

As Neptune stations direct, you will have more clarity. You will see through the illusions that have been holding you back.

You will see the truth of your own spirituality. You will see the power of your creativity and how to express it to the world.

There is a sense of acceptance and surrender as you recognize what is not in your power change. You will have the clarity to know what you can.

Use this insight to move forward and make the visions and dreams for your life a reality.

If you had chosen to avoid tuning into your patterns and behaviors during the retrograde. If you pushed away your subconscious thoughts, you will feel confused and unclear.

This will feel more intense with the Mercury and Pallas square. The energy of this square is that of mental tension. You will feel disorganized. Communication will be difficult.

New Moon Full Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

In the days leading up to the new moon full solar eclipse the fog will continue to clear. You will feel energized to work hard.

Solar eclipses often bring exciting new beginnings, twists of fate and unexpected information. The eclipse will impact everyone in a different way.

If it interacts with planets in your natal chart, you may feel it more intensely than those around you.

Learn how to run your free natal chart! Check out the guide on my Facebook group Practical Astrology for Everyday Life.

This is the last eclipse to occur in the Gemini-Sagittarius axis. The first eclipse to occur along this axis was on June 5, 2020.

Gemini represents the logical mind. It lacks the urge to discover the truth. Sagittarius represents the more intuitive mind. This sign is driven to seek the truth.

What themes came up for you during this time period? Did you rely too much on “facts” and not your intuition? Do you accept what you are presented with as the truth? Do you trust your intuition? Do you search for a deeper understanding?

This is the last South Node solar eclipse in Sagittarius for 18 years. The South Node is associated with the default patterns that you have from earlier in life or prior lives.

It is often where we bring in lessons from prior lives that we still need to learn. We also bring in the gifts and talents that we have developed through our South Node.

Look to where the South Node is in your natal chart. The symbol for the South Node may not be on your chart. It will always be opposite of your North Node.

Which house and sign is it in? What patterns or lessons are in your South Node that you are ready to shift so that you can create a new beginning?

Sagittarius is concerned with the truth. The energy is about freedom, expansion, and experience. This new moon solar eclipse can propel you forward into the next phase of your healing and evolution.

Mars Enters Sagittarius, Mercury Enters Capricorn

The energy of December 7th through 12th will be intense. There will be tension and optimism. You will go from having bursts of energy to wanting to rest.

Old wounds and pain that you are carrying from relationships will come up. The Juno square Chiron is an opportunity to let them go.

What is happening in your current relationships? Are these old patterns interfering? Are you laying old trauma on your current loved ones? Use this time to let it go. Be in the present moment. Truly see what is in front of you.

Mars enters Sagittarius and Mercury enters Capricorn on the 13th. Mars action-oriented energy is paired with Sagittarius’s visionary, expansive energy.

This will drive you to bring the vision you have for your life into reality. It will be easy to get swept up in the momentum and overdo it. Do not get carried away.

Luckily, the grounded energy of Mercury in Capricorn will help to temper that energy.

Mercury in Capricorn’s energy is goal oriented. There is a building of ideas. We will have the ability to take our ideas and move them around in a way that makes sense.

Because Capricorn is an Earth sign, we can use that energy to pull those ideas into reality.

Mars Opposition to Ceres and Uranus Trine Juno

The first half of the month ends with a focus on relationships.

Mars in opposition to Ceres may drive an intense desire. You may want to show your loving and nurturing nature to those around you. Your loved ones will see it as overbearing and smothering.

As we move into the Uranus and Juno trine, the energy softens. This is a time of breakthroughs in relationships. There is a renewed commitment and a will to work together.

How Can I Work with This Energy in a Beneficial Way?

You can harness this energy in a positive way by:

· Flowing with the energy. The energy will be up and down. It will be intense and sometimes draining. Be aware of how you are feeling. Be aware of what your reactions are. Try not to push against it.

· Being kind to yourself. If you feel like you are pushing against the energy, take a step back. Ask yourself if this is the time to push or if it is a time to rest. Do what is best for you in that moment.

· Not taking rash action. There will be days that you feel energized and inspired. Before you act, write down your ideas. Meditate on them. Journal about them. See how they fit together before you act on them.

· Understanding that there is a focus on your relationships this month. There will be purging of old wounds. There will be a purging of relationships that are no longer healthy. Healing will occur as will a recommitment to those that matter in your life.

December can be a stressful time of year for many. The energy this month will add more challenges for us this season. Take care of you and your energy first so that you can move through this with intent and awareness.

About the Author:

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