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Mars Enters Libra September 14, 2021

Drive, Desire and Ambition Tempered with Balance, Harmony and Diplomacy

The planet Mars enters the sign of Libra on September 14, 2021. It stays there through October 30, 2021.

Theme: Desire and drive toward action that’s tempered with balance. Be wary of indecisiveness.

The Planet Mars – Drive, Desire and Ambition

The energy of Mars is all about initiative, will towards action, desire, drive and ambition. It’s also associated with conflict and war.

Mars represents the urge that we have for self-assertiveness and the urge to act decisively. It is also associated with sexual urges and the urge towards aggression.

The planet represents our need to achieve our desires and the need for both physical and sexual excitement.

To sum it up, the energy of Mars represents how you assert yourself and how you express your desires.

As with all astrological energy, there is a positive and a negative expression.

The positive expression of Mars energy is:

· Courage

· Initiative

· Will power that’s consciously directed towards a legitimate aim.

The negative expression of Mar’s energy is:

· Impatience

· Willfulness

· Violence

· Improper use of force or threats.

Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay

The Sign of Libra – Balance, Harmony and Diplomacy

Libra is a cardinal air sign. Cardinal signs like to initiate things and enjoy taking charge. It is about initiating the movement of energy in a set direction.

Air signs are all about the mind and the mind’s sensations. They are intellectual and process everything through thought. They are quick witted and enjoy complex thought and abstract ideas. They are always on the move.

Libra energy is about balance, fairness, diplomacy, harmony, teamwork and close relationships.

To sum it up, Libra’s energy is about initiation, movement, and the use of complex ideas in a way that’s balanced, impartial and diplomatic. It’s the blending of the polarities of energy as you strive to fulfill your desires.

The positive expression of Libra is:

· Balance

· Harmony

· Fairness

· Diplomacy

· Even temperedness

· Cooperation

· Working together as a team

· Being relationship oriented

The negative expression of Libra is:

· Passive-aggressiveness

· Indecisiveness

· People pleasing

· Superficiality

· Avoiding conflict to your own detriment

Mars Entering Libra September 14, 2021 – Putting It All Together

When Mars is in Libra, it is what’s called in its “detriment”. What this means is that Mars is in a sign opposite the sign that it rules. In this case, Libra is opposite of Aries. This waters down Mars’ energy.

Sometimes it can cause the expression of Mars’ energy to be a more negative one.

The qualities that Libra and Mars share are the desire to initiate, the will towards action and the movement of energy in a set direction. In this way, they work well together.

Because Libra’s higher expression is about balance, fairness, being even tempered and teamwork, it modifies, or lessens Mars assertive, singular and at times aggressive energy.

Remember, the energy of Mars represents how you assert yourself and how you express your desires. Libra energy helps you express it in a gentler, more mindful, and more balanced way.

While Mars is in Libra through October 30, 2021, you may find that your drive towards action may be more balanced and tactful.

Because Libra energy values teamwork and personal relationships, you may be more apt to take into consideration the people around you as you manifest your desires.

A negative expression of Mars in Libra is that you may find yourself caught in “analysis paralysis”. You get so caught up in weighing options that you become indecisive.

When you finally make up your mind, you may be second guessing yourself.

Since aggression is a negative expression of Mars and passive-aggressive tendencies are a negative expression of Libra, you may find yourself or others displaying passive aggressive tendencies more than usual.

How Can I Work with This Energy in a Beneficial Way?