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Happy New Year! Changes They are a Coming!

January Monthly Newsletter and Happenings from Sacred Soul Ventures

Happy New Year Everyone!

2022 was an incredible time of shifting energy and opportunities for healing and transformation. I felt this very deeply myself.

I took a huge step back from Sacred Soul Ventures in August. I appreciate each and every one of you who I've had the honor to work with and who have supported me last year.

As much success as I was enjoying, I started to feel like I was chasing and grasping. Social Media didn't feel good to me. Even my beloved Facebook Group, Practical Astrology for Everyday Life didn't feel aligned.

My goal, always, is to offer insights and content that will resonate with you and help you to shift and heal in your own way. I felt like I was sliding into a formula of "had to's" and "should do's" rather than aligned, heartfelt action.

As I was coming to the end of my second year in business, I let things go to the universe. I took a job as a Workforce Advisor in the American Job Center working with low income folks to gain skills and training. It's always been important to me to lift others. It's been beautiful seeing my customers gain confidence and believe in themselves. I learned a lot during my time in the Job Center and made some valuable connections.

Without doing a single piece of marketing, I've been booking 2-3 astrology readings per week. Birth Chart readings, Solar Return Birthday readings, Progressed (What does this Chapter in my Life Bring?) readings, and Healing Your Soul Readings. I began incorporating coaching into the readings. My clients want to understand how to use the information in their charts to heal, grow and break old patterns. That's a clear message from the universe that this is indeed my path.

In October, I was in Lucca, Italy with Radiant Coaches Academy at one of their retreats. I taught a class on Evolutionary Astrology and on one of my favorite subjects, "Creating Brave Spaces Through Coaching Presence".

I'm proud to say that I'm an Associate Certified Coach through the International Coaching Federation. I passed the exam on 11/11/22 (yes, I purposely picked that date). The requirements to even be invited to sit for the exam are rigorous. This is something that I've been working towards for almost two years.

In Italy, I had several epiphanies that have changed the course of my life. I was guided to drop Beauregard, which is my ex-husband's last name. With my biological family's blessing, I legal took the surname of Hunter.

My legal name is now Susan Amy Hunter. This names resonates through every cell of my being. I feel like I've come home to myself, that I'm finally in my own skin.

Along with that came another epiphany, I am to re-brand Sacred Soul Ventures in January 2023. This is the beginning of my third year in business. This phase of my life is about new beginnings and aligning with what deeply resonates with me.

Being the good Astrologer that I am, the new website and full unveiling of the name and logo won't happen until February when Mercury is stationed direct. But I'm going to give you all a preview of the new name:

Hunter Moon Astrology and Coaching

Unleash Your Possibilities!

I'm also refining my offerings, unveiling new collaborations and formally introducing my sliding fee scale for my coaching services. I have always believed that everyone, regardless of their economic situation should have a thinking partner and a safe space to land and explore.

Thank you again for all of your support in my last two year of business! As a thank you, take 15% off of all astrology readings through the end of January. Message me to book and use the code HunterMoon15.

Happy New Year! May all your hopes and dreams come true in 2023.

With Love,

Susan Amy Hunter, MBA, ACC

About the author:

Susan Amy Hunter (formerly Beauregard) is a Credentialed and Certified Holistic Coach, Evolutionary Astrologer and Reiki Master in the Usui tradition.

If you'd like to explore working with Susan to unleash your possibilities click on the link below to book a free, no pressure half hour get to know each other call.

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