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Full Supermoon in Capricorn July 13, 2022

The full supermoon in Capricorn is exact at 2:37 pm on Wednesday July 13th.

This means that the moon will be at its closest point to the earth this year. In scientific terms it will be at a perigee distance of only 221,994 miles from earth.

I’ve felt the intensity of this moon already. Have you?

The Energy of the July Full Supermoon

Full moons are a time of release. They also represent a finale or an ending.

The Sun is in the sign of Cancer and is conjunct with the dwarf planet Ceres and with the planet Mercury.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. The energy is emotional, intuitive, nurturing, and introverted. At a lower vibration it can be smothering, worrisome, and withdrawn.

The Goddess Ceres

Ceres energy has nuances of Cancer. It represents how we nurture others and how we need to be nurtured. It also represents how we feel about our worthiness and how we take care of ourselves.

Mercury, the messenger of the Gods, is bringing us information about all of this. Are we thinking and communicating in a way that represents our worthiness and honors the worthiness of others?

The moon rules Cancer. During a full moon, the Sun and the Moon are always in opposition. Oppositions have the energy of polarity. There’s a tug and a pull between the energies.

Thankfully, the moon is in the cardinal earth sign of Capricorn.

The July Moon over Willimantic Whitewater Park - copywrite Susan A. Beauregard 2022

While cardinal energy moves in a direct manner, we are grounded by the energy of the earth.
Capricorn energy is also mature and practical. This will help us keep our feet on the earth as we move through the waves of emotion and intense energy that the supermoon brings.

In Evolutionary Astrology, Saturn represents where our great work is in this life. Your great work could be excavating the truth of who you are from under other’s expectations. It could also be something that impacts the world in a more direct way. Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn.

Capricorns have the ability to bring ideas into manifestation in this physical reality. This full moon invites us to let go of beliefs and patterns that are keeping us from achieving our great work.

Other Important Aspects

The moon and retrograde Pluto are 6 degrees 9 minutes apart. While it isn’t a tight conjunction it does present an opportunity. It is an opportunity to release what needs to die in order for us to make room for what needs to be rebirthed.

The sun and moon also form a T-square (90-degree relationships) with the Dwarf Planet Eris in Aries. Squares represent tension. It’s tension that is used to propel us forward.

In mythology, Eris is the sister of Mars. She is known as the Goddess of Chaos and Discord. Her warrior energy is used to disrupt, but not just for the sake of disruption. It’s disruption in order to bring to light the marginalized and repressed in order to give them a seat at the table.

This tension is inviting us to look at how we repress ourselves. How are we shrinking ourselves? How are we putting others before us rather than say what we need in order to nurture ourselves? What do we believe and what do we do that impacts our feeling of worthiness?

Take Care of Yourself

This full supermoon gives us the opportunity to release some of what is coming to light for us.