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Astro-vibe: The Astrology of September 2021 - New Moon In Virgo & the Mercury Pre-Retrograde Shadow

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

The Astrology of September 2021

September is an active astrological month. The energy around the events that are occurring are excellent for self-reflection and personal insights. The theme of communication, self-improvement, and development is highlighted throughout the month.

The astrological energy at any given time impacts everyone in a similar way. However, you may be feeling the energy more acutely than others. There may be a certain theme that’s at the forefront for you.

The energy of the current configuration of the planets has an energetic relationship to where the planets were in the sky at the time of your birth. These are known as aspects or transits. This will activate certain houses or planets in your natal chart. Transit and progressed chart readings are a great way to have a more personalized insight into what’s activating for you.

In this blog, I’ll have a quick overview of the astrological highlights of the month. Then we’ll do more of a deep dive into the events happening between September 1st and September 10th.

September 2021 Highlights

September 1st - Moon square Mercury. Theme: Communication

September 2nd - Moon square Chiron. Theme: Being sensitive and letting go.

September 2nd - Moon Trine Neptune and Mars in Opposition to Neptune. Theme: Rest and relax.

September 6th - Mercury begins its pre-retrograde shadow. Theme: Listen to your intuition and pay attention. This period will often foreshadow what may come up for you during the retrograde on the 27th.

September 6th through 7th - The new moon is in Virgo. Sun and Moon trine Uranus. Mars Trine Pluto. Theme: Setting intentions for the lunar month. Learning new things to move you forward in your life. Good time to change bad habits.

September 10th - Venus enters Scorpio. Theme: Interpersonal relationships, intensity, and intimacy.

September 14th - Mars enters Libra. Theme: Desire and drive towards action tempered with balance.

September 20th - The full moon is in Pisces. Theme: Manifestation of intentions set during the full moon. Big emotions, heightened intuition, letting go of emotional baggage.

September 22nd – Libra season begins! It’s also the fall equinox. Theme: Balance, social justice, romantic partnerships, harmony.

September 27th - Mercury retrograde in Libra. Theme: Communication, particularly in relationships. Revisit, review, re-evaluate, resolve, reintegrate. Retrogrades are a time for introspection.

Source: Lunar and Planetary Institute

Planetary Aspects to the Moon and Mars in Opposition to Neptune – September 1st and 2nd 2021

Since the moon moves so quickly around the earth it usually doesn’t warrant noting the daily interaction and aspects with other planets. I felt it would be helpful to point out these particular aspects since their energy is about communication. This may highlight some themes that will come up for you during the Mercury retrograde.

September 1st the Moon is square (90 degrees) to Mercury. September 2nd the Moon then squares Chiron. Mercury is the Roman God of Communication. Chiron is an asteroid that is known as the “wounded healer”. Chiron’s energy is connected to knowledge, healing, and compassion.

When the moon transits Mercury, we may not be communicating in a way that’s sensitive and compassionate. As you move through your day ask yourself, “Am I saying what I mean, meaning what I say and not saying it in a mean way?” Be aware that what you’re saying may not honestly reflect your true feelings.

There also may be some challenges with technology, transportation, and miscommunication. Truly a foreshadowing of the upcoming Mercury retrograde. Double check the details.

When the moon squares Chiron, we may feel very sensitive. We may be mulling over any hurt feelings from miscommunications that occurred the prior day. Where are the opportunities for healing in your hurt? Pause before you make a decision from a place of hurt, it may not reflect what’s in your heart.

Mars in Opposition to Neptune on the 2nd is a time for rest. Your energy may be low. You can use this day for introspection on the feelings that the square between the moon and Chiron have brought up.

Take care of yourself. Relax, release and just be. It’s a good time to be in solitude and think of what your hopes and desires are for the upcoming new moon. It’s the perfect day to change your mindset so that you can start to gain clarity for the intentions that you set during the new moon.

New Moon in Virgo September 2021 - 6th through 7th