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Hi, I'm your Cosmic Catalyst Coach, Susan! 

Are you ready to gain a deeper understanding of who you really are?
Are you ready to come home to yourself? 
You have come to the right place.

Guided by Susan Beauregard,
Founder of Sacred Soul Ventures.

Cosmic Catalyst Coach, Astrologer, Reiki Master

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Practica Astoloy for Everyday Life

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Practical Astrology for Everyday Life

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“Susan has such an inquisitive, kind demeanor to her style...I would highly recommend Susan no matter which stage of life you're in.”

— K.M, Connecticut, USA


“After exploring particularly motivating aspects of my chart, I've come to an understanding of my motivations and why I sometimes feel compelled to act...This particular intuitive reading was enough to make me reflect deeply on myself as a whole ”

— Lori K., USA

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