I help you get out of your own way so you can gain clarity, uncover your life purpose and find passion and joy. 

Come Home to Yourself!

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with Susan Beauregard

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Meet Susan Beauregard

Holistic Catalyst Coach, Reiki Master, Aromatherapist and Sound Healer

Susan combines the modalities of energy work, scent, and sound along with coaching to facilitate a powerful shifts for her clients. A shift that can accelerate the change you want to make in their life.

“It is so wonderful to see my clients uncover the solutions they have within. To see them become energized and self-confident is incredibly beautiful to me. I’m grateful that they allow me to catalyze that journey for them.” 

Certified through the Radiant Coaches Academy in Nashville, TN, Susan facilitates live online training sessions for the school. She has coached clients across the US, South Africa, and the UK. 

Susan’s Reiki Master Teacher training is in the Usui tradition. She received that and her Tibetan Sound Healing training through Serenity Grove Wellness Center in Coventry, CT. In addition, she is Level 1 Medicinal Aromatherapy Certified through Wisdom of the Earth Essential Oils in Sedona, AZ.


Why Catalyst Coaching?

It can help you see the life you are truly meant to live.

Wheat Field
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Come as you are. There are no judgements here. I see you and I hear you. Know that you are already whole and creative.


Together, in compassionate non-judgement, we create a space that is a safe for you to explore your thoughts and beliefs. It is a space for you to venture forward in your journey. 


You already have your answers within. I act as your thinking partner.

Almond Blossom

As you become more aware of your internal narrative, you can question the stories and beliefs that no longer serve you. You gain clarity as to what is authentically true for you. Freely explore your limiting core beliefs.


Break the patterns that are holding you back. I am here to hold space for you during this process. 

Authentic Power

 As you shift into new ways of thinking and being, you will feel more and more in alignment as you live your truth.


“Susan has a very calm and gentle way to help reflect and reframe challenges and put them in better perspective. I appreciate her ability to help me recognize options I overlooked and helping me put emotional situations into better perspective. She offers solid, non-judgmental guidance in a kind, thoughtful and non-judgmental way. Sessions have left me feeling primarily empowered and grateful with concerns that are hot button items for me. I believe she possesses gifts that make her naturally approachable, and a comforting confidant.”

— Joal L.



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